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  • High Quality, Tight Tolerance, Precision Parts

Process, Capabilities, and Equipment


At Avers Machine and Gear, the process begins with meticulous job planning. Our material review board maps out the best manufacturing plan for each new part that we manufacture. We create drawings per each manufacturing process. Finally, the job is executed expertly utilizing our well trained staff and state of the art CNC equipment.

  • CNC Turning and Manual Turning
  • CNC Milling 3, 4, 5 Axis and Manual Turning
  • Gear Cutting
    1. CNC and conventional Hobbing
  • Gear Shaping
  • Gear Milling – 4 & 5 axis
  • Thread Milling
  • OD / ID grinding
  • Hob Sharpening
  • Sawing
  • Broaching
  • Honing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Passivation
  • Outside Vendors/Partners - We offer these outside processes as a value added service to our customers. All of our suppliers are ISO qualified.
    1. Heat Treating
    2. Black oxide, zinc, tin, copper, phosphate, cadmium, chrome and nickel plating, Anodizing, electro polishing, painting and powder coating.
    3. Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent penetrant Inspect
    4. Gear Tooth Grinding

We can cut teeth only on your blanks or manufacture complete per customer specifications for any type of gear. We work from drawings or customer supplied samples. Utilizing the latest state of the art CNC lathes and mills, we provide precision CNC machining for the manufacture of parts for various industries.

We can produce the following types of precision gears per your specifications: Helical, Spur, Bevel, Worm and Worm Gear, Double Enveloping Worm and Worm Gear, Internal/External Splines and Racks.

  • CNC turning and milling 2,3, 4 Axis capabilities
  • Gear cutting
    1. Spur Gear
    2. Helical Gear
    3. Spline Cutting
    4. Worm and Worm Gears
    5. Bevel Gears
    6. Gear Racks
  • 5 Axis Milling of conventional parts and Gear and Rack teeth
  • CNC hard turning by CBN finishing
  • Reversed Engineering
  • Breakdown Services
  • Laser Marking
    1. Flat and 3-d Components
    2. Serialization of Parts
    3. Adds to Aesthetic and Uniqueness of Product
    4. Mark on Stainless Steel, Plastic, and Other Specialty Metals
  • CNC Thread Grinding
  • CNC Gear Inspection
  • CNC CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Doosan DVF-5000 5 Axis Mill

5 Axis Milling

We know where our manufacturing strengths lie. It lies in gear cutting and precision machining. Our core manufacturing capabilities incorporate technologies across a broad base of complementary advanced machining processes. Arranged in a cellular based, lean manufacturing culture, our 30,000 square feet of production space enables us to produce a variety of precision components. With approximately 28 major CNC machining assets and 50 pieces of ancillary manufacturing equipment, Avers Machine and Gear can meet your precision machining needs across a wide range of materials including aluminum, brass, alloy steels, cast/ductile iron, stainless steels, forgings, castings and many exotic aerospace materials.

  • CNC Gear Inspection
  • CNC Vision System
  • CMM
  • 16 CNC Lathes
  • 7 Axis Turning and Milling
  • 5 Axis Milling Mchines
  • 11 CNC Milling Machines
  • CNC Gear Hobbing
  • CNC Horizontal 4-Axis Machining
  • CNC OD Grinders
  • CNC Thread Grinding

Trumpf TrumMark 5000 Laser Marking System

Trumpf TrumMark 5000 Laser Marking System

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a fast, economical, and reliable way to identify components made of stainless steel, alloy steels, bronze, titanium, brass, aluminum and anodized aluminum, as well as many plastics.

Avers Machine and Gear has recently purchase a Trumpf, TruMark 5000 Laser Marking System to complement our capabilities. This laser marking system delivers the highest laser marking performance on a broad array of materials in the industrial industry, Customers that currently use Avers for precision machining can now have parts machined, laser marked and passivated all at our company, saving costs and valuable delivery time for these operations.

Our Laser Marking Capabilities

With X, Y, and Z stages as well as rotary indexers, Avers has the ability to mark flat and 3-D components up to 18" high as well as cylindrical products and alphanumeric characters in any font. Avers can make your logo, shape or other form of identification including the most common barcodes.

Benefits of Laser Marking

For parts that require specific identifiers, such as medical devices and surgical tools, laser marking is an ideal solution. Laser markings give companies enhanced tracing capabilities and accountability for improved patient safety. We have the ability to serialize parts in a batch for tight lot controls. Laser marking can be used to engrave logos, part numbers as well as any other required marking that adds to the aesthetic and uniqness of the product.

Laser Marking Stainless Steel and Other Specialty Metals

Laser marking offers a convenient, cost-effective, non-contact, permanent solution for marking and identifying parts. Components made from stainless steel, steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium and plastics can all be marked to customers specifications without the stress and distortion produced by other marking methods. It is ideal for metals that are exposed to hot, wet, abrasive or corrosive conditions. The Trumpf, TruMark 5000 Laser Marking System can maintain extremely tight tolerances and clearly etch small fonts, barcodes, serial numbers and more.

Please contact us to speak to one of our sales representatives for your laser marking needs.


Avers Machine and Gear offers advanced 5-axis machining services that significantly increase the range of possibilities for creating parts in various shapes and sizes and working with complex surfaces. We are an experienced 5-axis machining company that can provide a customized solution that will help you meet your most difficult manufacturing challenges.

Our facility includes multiple technologically advanced 5-axis Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers that can perform high-precision machining and milling of more complex parts. Our 5-axis machining services will allow you to take your manufacturing process to a higher level and exceed your customers' expectations.

The term "five-axis machining" refers to the number of direction in which the cutting tool can move. In a standard 5-axis machine setup, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes and rotates on the A and B axes. This allows you to process up to five sides of a part in a single setup. The primary difference between 3 axis versus 5-axis machining is the introduction of the element of rotation for the A and B axes. In addition to enabling faster production of complex shapes, the 5-axis parts production process can result in higher-quality surface finishes and tighter true position tolerances. Other important 5-axis CNC machining benefits include:

  • Shorter lead times: The enhanced capabilities of the 5-axis machine results in decreased production times, which translate into shorter lead times for your production projects. This allows you to provide better service to your customer base.
  • Great accuracy: 5-axis machining and milling offers a level of precision that 3-axis processes cannot replicate, which is crucial if your finished products must adhere to strict quality and performance specifications. 5-axis machining also eliminates the need to move the workpiece among multiple workstations, thereby reducing risk of error.
  • Use of shorter cutting tools: It is feasible to produce high-quality 5-axis machined parts with the use of shorter cutters, which can reduce the vibration that frequently occurs when machining deep cavities with a 3-axis process. This typically results in a smoother surface finish. The use of a shorter cutting tool also allows for a higher cutting speed without putting excess pressure on the tool.
  • Creating new business opportunities: Many companies find that 5-axis milling increases the types of products and services they can offer to their customers and prospects. This enables them to capture a larger segment of the market and take their entire business operation to a whole new level.

More and more parts are produced in CNC shops these days that require five-sided machining. As such, 5-axis milling and manufacturing services are in high-demand for various applications in a wide range of industries. Many of these industries need 5-axis machining services include but are not limited to aerospace, military, energy, medical, food processing, and other OEM industries.

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